Thermal coating

Bandak is a leader in thermal spray and related coatings technologies. In contrast to welding and other hot processes, these are applied “cold” to your components and give therefore minimal distortion. Thermal spraying allows coatings of high performance materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, cermets or carbides to be applied to more economical base performance materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, cermets or carbides to be applied to more economical base materials. The various coating processes can offer tremendous improvements in component performance such as wear, heat, oxidisation and corrosion resistance. Thermal spray is also widely used in the reclamation of damaged or worn components, offering a cost-effective alternative to buying new replacement parts.

Plasma Spraying

  • Typical usage areas: Propeller sleeves, Thermal barrier, Low friction components, Superb for corrosion, High wear resistance.
  • Porosity (2-10%)
  • Bond strength 40-50 MPa
  • Typical coatings are oxides, ceramics, carbides and metals.

Arc Spraying

  • Typical coating are metals.
  • Typical usage areas: Corrosion protection, Mismachined parts, Thickness limitation approx. 5 mm.

HVOF: (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)

  • Mostly all material can be coated, typical coatings are carbides and metals.
  • Typical thickness: 0,2mm
  • Low Porostiy (<1%)
  • Bond Strength (>80MPa)
  • Cold process (<150 degrees C) no change in structure in basematerial
  • Pump impeller, shaft, liner and piston rod, Wear ring/sleeve, Gate valves, ball valves, Mismachined parts/components, Swivel Parts

PTA Welding: (Plasma Transferred Arc)

  • Wide range of hard facing material, Tribaloy alloy T-700, Stellite alloy 1 (58 HRc), Stellite alloy 6, Low dilution, Highly automated
  • Typical usage areas: LNG butterfly valve, Wear Ring, Valve / valve seat, Wear bushing

Why use thermal coating?

  • Cold process – no change in the structure of base materials and minimal distortion
  • Extend assets’ lifecycle
  • Economical and reduced lead time – compared to production of new parts
  • Corrosion protection for more economical base material
  • Option for electrical resistivity and conductivity (Ceramic coating)

Solves problems in erosion, abrasion, cavitation, friction and Improperly machined parts

For more information about Thermal Coating please contact

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