Bandak HSEQ Policy

Bandak AS shall be a leading company within advanced machining, welding, thermal coating, assembly and testing. Market segments shall be within Energy, Defense&Aerospace, Maritime and other land-based industries, locally and globally. Our policy for quality, HSE and environmental management will describe the company’s relationship with requirements and expectations made by laws, customers, employees, owners and society, as well as the ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 3834-2 and ISO 45001 standards that the company is certified according to. The company’s management acknowledges it’s responsibility to ensure safe working conditions. Work on health, safety and the environment shall be priority no. 1. To the extent that some of our processes can affect the external environment, we will contribute to good attitudes, awareness and environmental performance through training, information and management of our environmental aspects. We will provide services that at least meet contractual requirements. We will work actively to establish and maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers. Management and employees will work to continuously improve the impact of the systems. As an important part of this, the conditions will be facilitated for employee development and training. The company and employees shall comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the business. In all circumstances, we shall show social responsibility and act in a way that is perceived as socially useful, rightful and ethically high worthy.

Zero injuries with and without absence

  • Stop Work if anything is unclear in terms of safety
  • Perform Safe Job Analysis (SJA)
  • Use proper protective equipment (PPE)

Prevent and minimize impact on the external and internal environment

  • Follow laws as well and internal instructions
  • Waste separation and recycling
  • Work with reduction of energy consumption

Right from me

  • Understand the task, ask if anything is unclear
  • Perform work according to best practice and ability
  • Check your own work and make sure that the recipient receives the correct «product». Inform about errors, register deviations

Working environment

  • Through risk assessments and regularly safety inspections
  • Involvement of all employees, a active safety delegate and facilitation when needed
  • Keep track of all applicable laws and regulations as well as striving to follow these

The Transparency Act and The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act
The transparency act shall promote Respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services. It is also to ensure the general public’s access to information about how companies address adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

The purpose of the equality and anti-discrimination Act is to promote equality, ensure equal opportunities and rights and prevent discrimination based on ethnicity, national origin, descent, skin color, language, religion, or belief.

Contact us regarding HSE, Quality & ESG

Mats Sverdsten Smedslia
QA / HSE Manager

mob: +47 95 47 89 29

Herdis Lindheim
HR/ESG Manager

Mob: (+47) 472 96 039

Requests related to Bandak’s management of human rights risks and compliance with the transparency act and The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act can be sent to

Transparency Act (Norwegian)