Cookie policy

This cookie policy encompass Bandak AS's use of cookies on the website The policy describes what kind of cookies that are used, and for what purpose they are used.

What is a cookie

A «cookie» is a small text file that is automatically stored on your device (e.g. desktop, laptop, tabler, or mobile phone) when you visit a website. A cookie's purpose is to store temporary data about a user's activity on a website so that it can distinguish between several users and at the same time adapt to the user's activities and preferences for a longer period of time. For example, the website will be able to «remember» that the user is logged in despite the user reloading or loading an entirely new page on the website.

Cookie types

In essence, we distinguish between two types of cookies. One type is used to process sessions on a website, and is deleted after the session is over. The second type is used to store website activity for a longer period of time.

Session cookies

When you visit an online store, a «session» is started. For each session, a unique «session cookie» is stored on your device containing information about you (i.e. your user). If you login to the online store, your user status will change from «logged out» to «logged in». Changes like these will be stored in the cookie file. If you do not have a user on said web store and add an item to your «basket» or «cart», this information will also be stored in a cookie so that you can browse other products without having your chosen items forgotten.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are used to store a user's settings and preferences even after the session has ended. These types of cookies have an expiration date that can vary from a couple of minutes to several years. Persistent cookies are often used to map a person's website activity. For example, information about the most clicked links, how long a user have stayed at a certain page, and from which country the user visited the website.

Cookie categories

We categorize cookies in 5 or more categories. Some cookies are strictly necessary for a website to function, some analyze user activity and form a statistical body of data, and some store information about user preferences and settings.

Strictly necessary cookies

This is the most important cookie category, as such cookies can, for example, differentiate between users in order to avoid conflation between someone logged in and someone who is not logged in to the website. In other words, strictly necessary cookies maintain the integrity and security of the website.

Analysis cookies

Analysis cookies are used to analyze the user's behavioral pattern on the website, as well as their meta data, such as internet browser, operating system, including geographic location.

Preference cookies

These types of cookies are mainly used to improve the user experience by storing settings that the user has directly or indirectly set. For example, if a web site prompts a user with a choice of which language the page should be viewed in, the cookie will «remember» the preference so that the user do not have to choose a language for each visit, thus making the user experience a lot better.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used to maximize a website's performance through throttling of queries (header requests).

Security cookies

Security cookies are mainly used for encryption, authentication, and verification of user and user data. This category must not be conflated with «strictly necessary cookies» as «security cookies» concern third-party applications, only.

What we use cookies for

System and security

We use strictly necessary cookies for reasons concerning security and basic website functionality. For example, these types of cookies lets us distinguish between logged in users and regular visitors.

Analisys and statistics

We use analisys-and-statistics cookies in order to further improve the website. For each visit, we can collect information about how the user browse the website including indications of what is interesting to a specific user. In this way, we can utilize that data to improve potential weakness and ensure that the website's content becomes as relevant to the public as possible.

User experience

We want our website's user experience to as good as possible. Therefore we use cookies that can «remember» a user's settings and preferences. If a user has clicked the «consent» button regarding our privacy-or-cookie policy, the user shall be relieved of the burden of executing said action for each visit (i.e. session).

What cookies we use

In the table below, you are provided with a complete overview of what cookies we use on this website.

Provider Name Category Purpose Duration
PHP PHPSESSID Strictly necessary Distinguish between users and sessions Session
Wordpress wp-settings-* Preference Store user preferences 1 year
Wordpress wfwaf-authcookie-* Strictly necessary Authentication 1 minute
Wordpress wordpress_* Strictly necessary Authentication Session